Of skulls and diesel…

Mbuya Nehanda kufa vachishereketa, kuti tinotora sei nyika ino?

Shoko rimwe ravakatiudza tora gidi uzvitonge.”[1]

Without a doubt, most Zimbabweans are familiar with this song; a song that taught and reminded us about the sacrifices of Mbuya Nehanda and others in the First and Second Chimurenga. Heroes of our liberation struggles like Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi have always been a good reference point of where we come from as a people and where we should be heading. However, sometimes the imagery of these gallant heroes has been used to silence us; the very people they fought to liberate. In other instances they have been used to distract us from the sorry state our country finds itself in. Mbuya Nehanda

The Zimbabwe they fought for is now but a shell, with most of its sons and daughters confined to self and sometimes government-imposed exile. The country that people were willing to die for has become a country whose sons and daughters are willing to die while escaping from. Those who have shown dissent to the government have been silenced brutally and others have disappeared. All this is happening in the country that Nehanda, Kaguvi and others bravely fought to liberate. Only the few, who claim to be divine custodians of this country are amassing wealth for their families at the expense of the masses. Ties to the ruling party or a certain individual will ensure that you and your close associates can loot with impunity. How else can you explain the vulgar riches that some in the ruling party are flaunting in the face of the poor on a daily basis. The disdain, contempt and disrespect that those who sit on high have for the poor is there for everyone to see. How else can one justify the fact that our country has been turned into a country where the majority of our people are on the streets vending? Who will buy their wares when everyone is also trying to sell one thing or another?

Recently, we were told that resources where being mobilised to go to England to claim back skulls which are allegedly those of Mbuya Nehanda and others.

It’s been 35 years since we obtained independence and no one thought about doing this back then? Which n’anga has advised them that these are indeed skulls of Mbuya Nehanda and company? Why now? Does anyone remember that story about diesel oozing out of a rock somewhere in Chinhoyi? I smell the same kind of bullshit around this skulls issue. We are busy setting up task teams to travel to England for the purposes of identifying and repatriating the skulls. If only we showed as much enthusiasm towards bettering the lot of our people.

Every day we are inundated with talk about “Zim-Asset“, “Mega Deals” etVendorsc. yet despite this so called economic blueprint and talk of “Mega Deals“, we continue to regress. Our government has mastered bullshitting and they don’t even have to put on a poker face. That’s the level of contempt they have for the ordinary man.

Nehanda, Kaguvi and all those other heroes are turning in their graves. Imagine if their spirits came back to haunt and torment those who have made it their business to abuse and pillage the country that they died for…

[1] Popular Chimurenga song. Lit: Mbuya Nehanda died always asking how we would take back our country. The one thing she told us was to take up arms so we could govern ourselves.

Pride “Madzibaba Eriya” Jani 

Pride Jani
Pride Jani

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