Dispelling myths about xenophobia in South Africa 

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A lot of what people are using as bases to justify xenophobia isn’t rooted in fact or evidence. Anecdotes are killing people.Let’s dispel some myths, shall we.

1. “Foreigners are being given opportunities that belong to black South Africans because BEE allows it

No. Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment is governed through Act 53 of 2003 (read with Act 46 of 2013)

In terms of the law – for the purposes of BBBEE, only black people that are South African are defined. (See pic)

Black people WHO ARE NOT SOUTH AFRICAN are not counted in scoring for BBBEE compliance.

2. “Foreigners are stealing all the jobs


Only 4% of those between 15 & 64 years in SA are foreign nationals. 80% of the working population are ‘non-migrants’ (South Africans); 16% are ‘internal migrants’ from other parts of the country (Source: MiWORC).

However, unemployment among international migrants…

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