Zim Identities: Conversations on race, ethnolinguistics and identity

In many societies there are certain conversations that are taboo or that, by the very nature of the topic, are glossed over with platitudes and empty statements. In southern Africa, “race” or rather racialism and racism are increasingly regarded as topics that seem to be left undiscussed publicly. Not because “race” isn’t an issue, but rather because it is such a divisive issue. When the story of institutionalised racism in southern Africa is told, it is often through the lens of the scourge of apartheid that directly affected South Africa and Namibia (then South West Africa). Few know, or appreciate,… Continue reading Zim Identities: Conversations on race, ethnolinguistics and identity

Finding Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe we all desire is not some unicorn or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is tangible. It is attainable. It is a society free of corruption. A society where access to the nation’s resources is not determined by political allegiance. A society where all are given equal opportunities to succeed and share in the dream of the Great House of Stone. A dream that we all subscribe and buy into. The dream of a Zimbabwe that inspired our founding fathers and mothers to take up arms in the hope of bringing about a new society. Continue reading Finding Zimbabwe